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Candidates that have attended multiple high schools may submit only the graduating school's formal transcript as long as courses taken at previous schools are mirrored on that transcript.
post Published by: Sammy (Kingsdale) Email Website - 24 Jan 2017, 3:08:14 AM
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post Published by: Dolly (Calgary) Email Website - 24 Jan 2017, 3:07:39 AM
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post Published by: Janet (Kobenhavn K) Email Website - 24 Jan 2017, 3:07:31 AM
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post Published by: Edwina (Thionville) Email Website - 24 Jan 2017, 3:07:22 AM
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post Published by: Jeanne (Garfield Heights) Email Website - 24 Jan 2017, 3:07:22 AM
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